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Dimensional Lift is c++/blueprint prototype created in November 2018
for Game Off 2018 game jam - theme HYBRID.
I understand Hybrid as mix of something. In this case we are dealing with mix of realities, blending them together!

Because I love procedural generation I've been thinking about creating small, logical puzzle experience, unique mechanics and satisfying gameplay. It's up to you if I managed to do it during November Game Jam!
Main challenge - very performant runtime mesh generation algorithm.

Dimensional Lift is a Puzzle / Adventure game where you mix realities -  a real world and a parallel world. This hybrid of two worlds leads to clever solutions!

In the game you are controlling main protagonist Barbarian in Third Person mode who has only two skills - parallel swing and normal interact / attack action.
Most important is checking parallel dimension by pressing Tab.
Our hero is capable of affecting world around him, but only in specific distance.
Whole experience contains 14 missions where your brain will be challenged.

In reality I mainly focus on presenting all game mechanics and not combining them enough. With people encouragement and support I am sure I will add more unique / clever puzzles combining all existing mechanics and creating new as well!

Share your thoughts on discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/SQ6JEkQ
Check my website: http://tefeldev.com/
and YouTube:  http://youtube.com/UnrealTefel

Install instructions

Just download and open executable, then enjoy! ;)
It may happened that executable will show warning that file is not secure, but no worries, just run nevertheless / add exception.


DimensionalLift.zip 345 MB

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